TruStile Doors

Interior Doors Redefined

TruStile manufacturers high-quality, interior and exterior, MDF, wood and glass doors for residential and commercial use.

Trustile Doors Plank doors (VG1000) in select alder with standard V-groove profile with Cinnamon stain with Rustic Antiquing package

Why TruStile Doors?

Design Leadership

Design drives every decision at TruStile. They are on the forefront of trends and are always looking for new ways to change the door industry. Their goal is to make it easy for customers to design doors that fit their projects, not to be limited to the status quo. That’s why they have developed tools for every step of the way and build every door to order to your exact specifications.

Pictured: TMB6120 in MDF with bevel profile

Series 900 Pivot Doors by Western Window Systems Western Window Systems
Series 600 Multi-Slide Doors by Western Window Systems Western Window Systems

Commitment to Quality

We use true stile and rail construction to transform rooms in a way that value-engineered doors from other manufacturers cannot. You can see and feel the difference that a high-quality door makes. Our team is dedicated to craftsmanship and to helping you make a statement.

Pictured: TS2020 bedroom doors in walnut and white lami glass feature harmon hinges.

Design Flexibility

TruStile combines thoughtful design, quality construction and cutting edge customization capabilities to provide design professionals, home builders and homeowners dramatic options for both classic and contemporary doors. With a range of materials and design options, TruStile provides the highest quality door styles on the market today to elevate any architectural space.

Additional Features

Custom Door by Trustile

Door Construction

TruStile doors are made with authentic stile and rail construction. We wouldn’t think of routing or stamping a door. Each TruStile door is made-to-order with perfectly proportioned components, created individually to ensure that every door is architecturally correct, regardless of size.

Variety of Door Profiles Available

Highly Customizable Profiles

With 66 combinations of sticking and panel styles to choose from, we are confident you’ll find the perfect profile for your project.

Glass Options

Innovative Glass and Resin

Replace any panel with the latest trends in architectural glass from Bendheim® or designer resin from 3form®.

Material Options

Material Option

Whether you plan to paint or stain your door, TruStile has the material options to fit your unique architectural and personal style. With premium MDF, stain-grade wood, and a wide selection of glass, resin, leather and metal options, TruStile is your one-stop provider of premium doors for every application.

Architectural Grade Hinges

Architectural Grade Hinges

TruStile offers architectural-grade, square corner, ball bearing hinges custom built to its specifications.

Doors that are ordered pre-hung receive 4″ hinges on 1-3⁄4″ doors, while 1-3⁄8″ doors receive 3-1⁄2″ hinges. 4-1⁄2″ hinges are available for 1-3⁄4″ and 2-1⁄4″ doors. Hinges can also be ordered for TruStile doors not pre-hung at the factory.


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Warranty Information

All TruStile MDF and wood doors are manufactured to the highest-quality craftsmanship standards and are backed by limited lifetime warranties against defects in workmanship and materials. Detailed warranty information is available in the links below.

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Technical Information

For info regarding ADA compliance, Fire Ratings, LEED Credits and more...

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Care & Handling

Proper care, handling, storage, finishing and installation are important steps in preserving the quality appearance of TruStile’s doors. Visit the links listed below for instructions specific to your type of door.

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3D BIM Models

TruStile applied Revit, ArchiCAD and SketchUp best practices in developing dynamic models that are both accurate to our product rules and flexible with the design details you need. From adding glass to our panel doors to adjusting stiles and rails you can customize a TruStile Door to meet your design vision.

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